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Hazel Way, Ashfield, Nottingham, NG15 8GS, United Kingdom


Purrfect Paws Pet Care

Professional Dog Walker and Pet Carer for Hucknall, Linby and Papplewick.

Meet Our Pack Leader

Hello, my name is Ellie...


...and I offer dog walking, pet sitting, and home visits in Hucknall, Linby and Papplewick. 

I'm sure you're asking yourself- why should I choose Purrfect Paws Pet Care to look after my furry family members? I can assure you I was thinking the exact same when looking for people to care for my beloved small zoo, hence why I start to offer the services I do today!

 I found it hard to find someone with a genuine love for animals, who held experience of more than just a well-behaved dog or cat, that wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg- so thought to myself 'hey, I could be that person for someone else!'- and so Purrfect Paws Pet Care was born. 


I come from an animal made family myself (my mum grew up with a back garden farm of all the local strays- no matter the animal!), and I've been caring for a variety of animals since a very young age. From the minute I came home from the hospital, all fresh and new, my best friend was a beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Jackson, and we built wonderful memories together in the few years we had. 

After Jackson sadly passed away, I begged and pleaded for another pet- so along came Bella and Milo (yes, I named my goldfish after the Tweenies) who grew that big that they went to live in a neighbours pond; and are still alive and well to this day; alongside a gorgeous double-maned lionhead rabbit called Thumper. 

The more animals I got to experience caring for, the more my love and passion grew for providing them the best care I possibly could. 


I spent hours since a young age researching different animals, doing various online and in-class qualifications, and gaining experience caring and working with a ton of species- including inverts, reptiles, farmyard animals, horses, working IPO dogs and exotic aquatics. 

By opening Purrfect Paws Pet Care, I have been allowed to turn my passion into my career- and my top priority is to ensure that all the animals I get to meet are receiving nothing short of the top class care (and attention of course) they deserve.  

A wise lady (my wonderful, but cat crazy, gran) once told me that we would be nothing without our animals, and I can't say I don't agree.